Atkins Diet for Diabetes

Atkins Diet for Diabetes

As licensed naturopathic physician, Cathy Wong, said there is no weight- loss program that is entirely perfect for everyone.
However, applying the Atkins diet for diabetes, especially those that have been diagnosed as type 2, is best suited for them.

First of all, before following the Atkins diet for diabetes, there is a need for you to know if you have a blood sugar problem. Here is a checklist:
– Feeling hungry in between meals?
– Craving for sweets or starchy foods?
– Thirsty all the time?
– Urinating frequently?
– Getting up in the morning with a headache?
– Irritable when hungry?
– Constantly exhausted?
– Sleepy in the daytime?
– Difficulty in concentrating?
– Want to doze off after eating?

There are also warning signs of this disease which includes extreme hunger or thirst, unexplained weight loss, blurry vision, hand or feet numbness, slow healing of wounds and bladder infections. For the condition not to get worse, the individual should not restrict the intake of refined sugar and some grains.

Atkins diet for diabetes has meal plans at three different levels of carbohydrate consumption. It begins at 20 grams each day which builds up to 40 and 60 grams on the following. There are also several recommendations such as:
– no limits on fat and protein
– low- fat dairy products are not advised
– no more than 4 ounces of cheese each day

The benefit of the Atkins diet for diabetes is that it has been helping people to restrain carbohydrates which is the key to prevent and manage the sickness. It has supported those who are overweight that are addicted to dulcet munchies to decrease their risk factors. However, it has evolved into a controversy where many medical experts have questioned such theory due to the danger it brings.

In the latest series of the Dr. Robert Atkins book, he included dishes that only require 15 to 20 minutes of preparation. It consists of salmon en papillote with tomato- basil relish, grilled chicken & avocado salad with sweet mustard vinaigrette and Mexican chicken soup pork tenderloin with sweet & sour red cabbage. What a heavy and healthy meal.

As mentioned earlier, there have been many critics of the Atkins diet for diabetes and here are what they have to say:
– It advocates on eating too much amounts of protein and fat when in fact, it eliminates a lot of water weight in the body.
– It can strain the kidneys and liver that creates ketones. Even if ketones suppress the appetite, it causes dizziness, bad breath and gas. It also contributes to damages in the heart and kidney.
– It identifies all carbohydrates as bad including vegetable when it actually promotes essential vitamins and minerals.
– It depletes glyogen stores which is a form of carbohydrate stored in the liver and muscle that is a primary fuel source for exercise.

Lose Weight Without Starvation!

Lose Weight Without Starvation!

Everyone at one point in his or her life needs or wants to loose weight.
Whether it is for health reason, or just to feel better about you, deciding on a weight loss plan is not as easy as it sounds.

There are literally thousands of plans and products on the market today designed to help the overweight shed unwanted pounds.

One such plan is the low carb diet plan. On this plan, carbohydrate intake is limited to a few grams per day. By limiting breads and pastas, the body uses the fat that stored and there by the dieter starts to loose weight within weeks. Some of the foods that should be avoided when on a low carb diet are; Candy, Donuts, Cakes and Pastries. Anything containing white flour such as bread, rolls, bagels, pasta and white rice should also be avoided.

Although this may seem like a lot of choices to give up, all of these foods are very high in carbohydrates. This is particularly dangerous for those suffering from diabetes. Health expert theorize that a high carbohydrate diet could raise their blood sugar levels to life threatening levels.

There are good carbohydrate choices. Meat is naturally low in carbohydrates. Liver is the exception to this rule. Egg’s, poultry, fish, shellfish are good menu choices. They are easy to prepare and are full of vitamins. Green vegetables that are low starch include broccoli, asparagus, spinach, salad vegetables; cauliflower, green beans, Brussels sprouts and celery are also good choice foods that compliment any meal.

There are so many good choice foods to choose from, and so many ways to prepare them that the bad choice foods will not be missed when on a low carb diet.

Fiber is another essential part of dieting. Fiber helps the body in many different ways. When you do not get enough fiber it defeats the purpose of a diet.

Some of the health benefits that come from a low carb diet are; Lower insulin levels and stabilized blood sugar, which is a great health benefit to diabetics. Lower blood pressure, Lower Cholesterol, more energy, and perhaps the most important reason for dieting, keeping the weight off.

Unlike other diets, the low carb diet is safe for everyone. There are no side effects from being on this diet as there are not any food limit restrictions for a low carb dieter.

There are so many menu choices that a different meal can be prepared every day and the dieter would not have the same meal twice. For someone who has made a serious commitment to loose weight, a low carb lifestyle should be seriously considered.

Holiday meals can be prepared following low carb diet recipes that are easy, elegant, and very tasty. With all of the sites on the Internet dedicated to low carb cooking, there is no reason to fear dieting any longer.

Gone are the days when dieters had to starve themselves and suffer the pains of hunger all for the sake of loosing weight. The low carb offer a healthy alternative to dieting.