A Peek in to the South Beach Diet

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Vanity is a basic fact of life. Deny it or not, we all want to look good. Especially for women, staying sexy and attractive is a must. Yes, physical beauty is not everything but will you say it doesn’t mean a lot? Paolo Coelho’s Brida tells the story of how the purpose of our living is finding our soul mate. So, do you think your soul mate will even glance at you if there’s really nothing to glance at? And really, who wouldn’t want to be complimented as beautiful and sexy?

The South Beach Diet is supposed to realize this ‘dream’ of having the perfect figure and oozing with the glow of beauty. It sums up a healthy living based on the right dose of carbohydrates and fats consumption. So saying no to mouth watering desserts and meals is .. poof! Sweet, eh?

Dr. Arthur Agatston MD, Mount Sinai Cardiac Prevention Center Director, created the South Beach Diet to address the importance of healthy carbohydrates and fats intake. Doctors believe that the unhealthy consumption of carbohydrates not only can cause heart disease but also cause the body’s unyielding to insulin. When the latter happens, the body will tend to consume a lot of foods but still crave for more and more.

The South Beach Diet has been divided in to three stages in which every stage emphasizes the lessening of unhealthy fats absorption.

The first stage is about two weeks. It focuses on lean meat and forgetting sweets or any form of high sugar content foods like cakes, ice cream, cookies or other sweets. This addresses the insulin resistance, which results to the body burning fats of up to 13 pounds. However, three full meals a day or six small meals a day are required to sustain and nourish the body.

The second stage is the introduction of healthy carbohydrates in meal plans. The glycemic index guides you to choose foods that are low in carbohydrates in terms of their effect to blood sugar levels. Compared to the first stage, losing weight in this stage is slow and gradual. The aim is to continue shedding the extra pounds. Since there’s a tendency to overindulge that will result to extra pounds, returning to stage one is always an option.

The last stage is the continuous practice of South Beach Diet for the rest of your life. There’s a plan that you can follow in order to keep the healthy weight. At this point, the wanting for bad carbohydrates will be lessened and you’d be perfectly content with your meal plan routine. However, if the weight is adding on again, going back to stage one is okay until the ideal figure is achieved.

To gauge progress you must have the following at home: weighing scale, hearty and sumptuous recipes, meal plan, calendar and a journal where you can keep track of your daily weight development. To make it even more fun and exciting, create or be in a group that also practices the South Beach Diet.

In order for you to realize the best results of South Beach Diet, you must have the determination and will to go through the stages. Keep yourself motivated to achieve your heart’s desire. And just like any weight loss program, it is wise to visit your local physician and check if your body is ideal or fit for this diet program.

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