Understanding the Cause of Obesity

Understanding the Cause of Obesity

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Obesity is a condition that has become a major health concern affecting many individuals in the United States. This

condition refers to the build-up of excess body fat that may impair health conditions. Several medical studies show that

obese individuals are prone to health risks like cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes,

coronary heart disease, sleep apnea, and many more. These health hazards have prompted individuals to include a weight-loss

program in their lifestyles. However, people who want to lose weight tend to exercise too much and eat unhealthy food. These

conditions may bring do more harm than good.

Understanding the cause of obesity might enable overweight individuals to treat their health problems. According to clinical

studies, major causes of obesity among Americans are too many calories in food regimens coupled with inactivity and

overeating. Acknowledging these two factors may help overweight or obese people lose weight and improve their health.

Many specialists health specialists argue that weight-related problems and obesity can be caused by high calories in diets

coupled with inactivity. A study conducted by the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report in February, 2004 showed that

Americans consumed more calories than they did 30 years ago. The study found out that from 1971 to 2004, American women

increased their calorie consumption from 1542 calories per day to 1877. The men on the other hand, at the same time frame,

increased their calorie intake from 2,450 to 2,618.

With the rise of calorie intake also came the decline of physical activities. However, less than 1/3 of adults engage in the

appropriate amounts of exercise. In addition, 40% of adults in the United States do not participate in any physical activity

while 43% of adolescents spend more than 2 hours in front of the television. It is recommended that individuals should

accumulate at least 30 minutes among adults and 60 minutes among children of moderate physical activity three times a week.

More are recommended to prevent weight gain or to lose weight.

Statistics also suggest that overeating is another reason why people tend be overweight or obese. Overeating is an eating

abnormality where the consumption of food intake is inappropriately large for energy use. Triggers of overeating may include

depression, stress, boredom, anxiety, and prolonged dieting. People with eating disorder feel that negative feelings may

temporarily disappear through food consumption, often these food escapades are done in secret. This disorder can be treated

with the help of health professionals coupled with the support of family and friends.

Obesity can be avoided and treated through proper exercise and healthy diets. People who want to lose weight tend to

over-train and deprive themselves of healthy food. These habits may impede weight loss and cause additional health concerns.

Proper exercise coupled with the right diet is essential in weight-loss and weight-control. In addition, exercise may

eliminates depression because physical activities promotes the release of endorphins. Endorphins are substances that is

released by the brain and is the body’s natural pain-reliever. These substance may elevate the mood and promote a state of

bliss. Many health specialists refer to this phenomenon as the runner’s high.

For overweight or obese individuals, it is never too late to partake in regular exercise and healthy diets. Exercise is good

for different people of all ages, sex, and weight. It is necessary to maintain improved overall health and enhanced

well-being. Individuals who decide to include a regular program of physical activity should consult doctors and other health

professionals for advice. This is important because a lot of individuals tend to workout too much or workout improperly,

which may do more harm than good. Understanding proper workout and including a healthy diet in one’s lifestyle may lead to

improved health and overall well-being.

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